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Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show. In this episode you’ll meet Mostafa Hosseini, your host for the show.


Mostafa shares his story into his business, and how he developed his Confidence to run his business on a day to day basis.


Over the years, Mostafa learned that growing a business has its own ups and downs, requires confidence on a daily basis, and is here to share those experiences with you.


Through coaching calls, interviews, and monologues, Mostafa will share the wisdom he has gained through the years in starting, running and maintaining his businesses. 


"If you are an entrepreneur or you want to an entrepreneur, if you are somebody that has launched a business and struggling with your confidence and trying to figure out what your next steps are in growing and scaling your business confidently, this show is going to be for you.”



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Dec 30, 2020

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 19

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Dec 29, 2020

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show - Episode 30

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Dec 9, 2020

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 32

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Dec 8, 2020

Welcome to Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Show Episode 31

Join my friend Steve Morris and me and discover “How to Cultivate Your Personal Brand”

Your business, regardless of size, is perpetually in the act of shaping its position in the world.

This position is based on how your business is experienced through...